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Work with ease

Want a better way to finish all your work? Don't worry! Truevirt's bespoke and easy-to-use space-planning solutions will help you communicate with your team with ease by assisting you in creating and sharing your field reports.


Inspiring Options

Curating a beautiful room needs just a little inspiration! Showcase your design ideas with ease through our bespoke AR solutions and let your customers view them in their space, thus providing them with an excellent shopping experience.


Experience the speed

Gain an edge among your competitors by leveraging the power of our pure native Android & iOS development and thus empower your customers with the ability to visualize and design their perfect room with confidence..


Re-create space

Offer your customers an interactive experience while assisting them in recreating their perfect space using the potential of AR. With our innovative solutions, your customers will easily visualize space according to their taste and decide whether it's the right fit for their perfect home.

Create your dream home using our online tool and bring all your ideas to life.. Find out more

We are focused
on results

We offer a solution to let your Customers easily create and share floorplans, and have a smooth and seamless experience placing items on their floorplan to get a view of how it actually looks their space.

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Create Floor Plan

Customers can create their floorplan with ease by drawing their space or capture it with their camera using the power of AR.

Place Items On Floor Plan

Customers can place multiple true to scale virtual counterparts of items on their created floorplan to get a visual of how they look in their space.

See How It Looks

Customers can visualise their space items placed on their floorplan, all true to scale, in a virtual environment. They can share this with anyone with just a tap.

What's Included In
Our floor plan app?

Give Customers the ability to export their floorplan

Let your Customers share their floorplans with their friends, family or any design experts, they can choose to export an image of the floorplan to share with anyone they want.

Let Customers place Items they like

Provide Customers a seamless experience of placing their favourite items on their floorplan and get a sense of how they look in their space.

Customers can easily edit their floorplans

Give your Customers the flexibility to correct and make changes to their floorplan to create their floorplan as per their liking.

Floorplan drawing capability to Customers

Empower your Customers by providing a tool for them to draw and create their floorplan with ease by drawing walls and placing doors and windows.

Easy integration

Easily integrate our SDK in your mobile applications built for Android and iOS.